Friday, November 26, 2010

chomey.. kiut.. rindu LoL...

die la adeq aku.. die la sepupu aku.. nk wt cmne aku ney ank bgsu.. huhu.. i call him 'adeq' i miss you so much manje kakak...kkg kakak g umh adeq men ngn adeq.. adeq xmo tido ngn kakak doh ke...rindu sgt... mmuuahhhxzz.. ade org ckp aku gler.. why?? coz aq suke tgk gmbo adeq n ckp sorg... itu nme nye aku rinduuu luqman... muuahhh...
muhamad luqman..

my grandmother is my heroin

my grandma mushux masham.. huhu.. but but I like the smell of my grandmother .. those kinds of days ago to say "duk bawoh tiok tok lagi" haha =)

Zaharah Mohamed
This was my grandmother who take care of me since I'm red again my mom out of the womb.
after 40 days of abstinence,
my mom left me with my grandmother and going to continue working to give me the education ..
since that time I was spoiled by my grandmother until now ..
I love my grandma cuisine like "gulai kuning telur itik" Waa .. delicious  ... huhu ..

tyme ney at Palace of The Golden Horses.. my grndma said "adeq, ambek gambo mok cni se" huhu
my mom took me from my grandmother the end of the year .. I want the degree in three ..since my mom took me ... always cry every night I miss Grandma ..any case my mom and my grandmother was the best .. love you ...

the most precious woman in my life

Azipah Muda
This is my mama ..a mama who bore me 9 months..take me to the upstream downstream .. huhu ..
thank you mama ..I can not reply to the sacrifice of a motherwho gave birth to me 50% for life
other than my love for my mom ..
and what the mother of his children would expect to be successful in life ..mama is the best in my life ..What I want ... Mom always bought things for me as a guess watches worth RM500 ..
thank you mama ..